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        • Product Name: Porous Prill Ammonium Nitrate
        • Product Number: 002
        • Added time: 2012-07-26
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        Ammonium nitrate is over99.5%,molecular formula is NH4NO3,molecular weight is 80,nitrogen content is 35%,white granule crystal; the physical and chemical property of porous ammonium nitrate is similar to that of ammonium nitrate, but compared with common crystal ammonium nitrate and granular ammonium nitrate,it has lower water content, good fluidity and bulk property, easy to fill and store, safe and convenient use.

        It is mainly used to produce ammonium nitrate fuel oil explosive which has excellent performances with low use cost and thus widely used in mine exploration, construction, railway/road construction as well as medical, chemical and other fields.

        3.Products features:
        High oil absorbency, low water content, and the explosive produced from them are extremely powerful. The following table shows the comparison between our products and standard values:


        Item Trade standard Our products
        First quality
        Ammonium nitrate(dry basis) ≥99.5% >99.5%
        Free water content ≤0.3% <0.3%
        Oil absorbency ≥7% >7.0%
        Density g/cm3 0.76~0.83 0.76~0.86
        GranularityΘ0.5-2.5mm ≥90% >90%
        10% ammonium nitrate water solution PH ≥4.0 >4.5


        4.Testing methods
        (1)Ammonium nitrate content:Ammonium nitrate reacts with formaldehyde and generate hexamethylene tetramine and aid,then use standard sodium hydroxide solution to titrate the generated acid to determine the Ammonium nitrate content
        (2)Fee water content:Karl Fisher method
        (3)Oil absorbence:Soap with light diesel fuel, and then filter it with glass pot filter, and then weight the sample after oil absorption.
        (4)Bulk density:Put the sample into container, and then test the mass/unit (g/cm3).
        (5)Granularity:Vibrate the sample in sieve and screen it, then determine the percentage of granules at the size of Θ0.5~Θ2.5mm.
        (6)10% ammonium nitrate water solution PH: dissolve the sample in distilled water without carbon dioxide,then determine the PH with pH meter.


        [Products features] It has many tiny pores, and its oil absorbency is higher than other types of ammonium nitrate, lower water content, good bulking property and easy to be packed
        [Standard] HG3280-1990
        [Spec.] 25kg/bag or upon clients' requests.
        [Packing & storage] In woven bag with plastic lining; stored in dry and airy place in room temperature; kept away from heat source and fire, avoid violent impact.
        [Cautions] It can easily absorb moisture and should not be kept in open and humid air for long, aviod contact with metal, oil or other organic substances(exception: it is used to make explosive)


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        Certificate of Analysis

                      Name of Product

        Manufacture Date: 02/11/2012

        Batch No.:  20120211

        Throughput: 200MT

        Package:      25kg/Bag


        Sample Size:500g

        Analysis Date02/12/2012To 02/15/2012

        Release Date:02/15/2012

        Expire Date:02/10/2013


        ●              ●              ●             ●             ●           




        Physical Appearance

        * White in prill ,porous Form,
        * Free from any visible impurities



        99.5% minimum;


        N purity on dry basis

        34.6% minimum;



        ˜ 0.76 – 0.83 g/cm3

        0.79 g/cm3

        Free Moisture

        0.3% maximum


        Oil Absorption (Fuel Oil # 02)

        7% minimum


        Organic Coating

        0.1% maximum

        Not detected

        pH (10% aqueous solution)

        About 4.0


        *Heat Stability at 80 oC
        (By Able Heat Test Apparatus)

        30 Minutes minimum;

        35 Minutes

        Size φ0.5~2.5mm



        Conclusion:The batch tested complies with GB2945-89